What are you building?

Hey everyone!

It has been awesome to see some of the projects built with XMTP so far (see the Awesome XMTP repo here). It would be awesome if everyone could share with the XMTP community what you’re working on. :rocket:

So if you’re open to it, drop a comment with the following:

  • :placard: Name of the project
  • :memo: A brief description
  • :mailbox_with_mail: How it uses XMTP
  • :link: A link
  • :pray: Tag others who are working on it with you (optional)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with… :star_struck:


Here’s what our team is working on so far:

Name: Laputa

Description: We are building Laputa: A world of floating cities - Starting from scratch and building them out into a lush habitable station around resources. A large-scale multiplayer tile-based chill-building game with a unique in-game economy.

We’re using MUD to build this real-time MMO strategy game, which operates around a prize pool mechanic that resembles. Having things grow / looking at the world being active can happen in realtime in-between, and makes the game feel alive.

How it uses XMTP: In-game chat.

Github: GitHub - Cygnusfear/laputa: ☁️🏯 a world of floating cities 🏰☁️ - EthGlobal 2023

Laputa | ETHGlobal


That’s a really cool concept, would love to know where you’re at with the game thus far?

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gm levy.eth here from Bello. We’re building a no-code wallet analytics platform that delivers onchain data through uncompromisingly good UX. We recently integrated XMTP as a way for our users to take action on the insights they discover, so figured it’d be great to join in on the convo here.


Love this, thank you for sharing your use case! :handshake:


Thanks for sharing GitHub - xmtp/awesome-xmtp: A curated list of awesome resources and projects built using XMTPreact native

Our team is working on so far:
Project Name : Galactic Explorer

Description : Galactic Explorer is a virtual reality experience that allows users to explore the wonders of space from the comfort of their own home. Users can navigate through realistic 3D models of celestial bodies, learn about fascinating astronomical phenomena, and even embark on simulated space missions.

XMTP Usage : XMTP plays a crucial role in our project by enabling real-time communication between users during multiplayer space missions. With XMTP’s robust messaging capabilities, our team has been able to synchronize the actions of multiple users seamlessly, creating an immersive collaborative experience.

Link : Project repository not available at the moment.

Tagging Others : Shoutout to @AstroEnthusiast and @SpaceTechWizard for their invaluable contributions to Galactic Explorer!

Thank you