Tue, Feb 27, 2024

Agenda and deck discussed in Feb 27, 2024 meeting

Join the XMTP Developer Community Call

When: Tuesday, February 27 at 9 am Pacific.
Where: https://app.huddle01.com/ntr-inee-ost

Reply to this post with suggestions for questions and topics to cover.

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:wave: Welcome and announcements - 5 mins

:technologist:t4: Eng updates - 20 mins

  • Live from ETHDenver
  • Messaging/Client protocol
  • XMTP Improvement Proposals (XIP)

:raising_hand_woman:t4: Ask Me Anything - 20 mins

Looking forward to building and learning together!

I would love to be able to present some ideas/ux concepts for:

Group messaging enhanced with onchain relationships

Ux for managing Allow / Block of known and good senders (getting good users out of Requests)

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:clap: Thank you so much for being open to sharing, @Jason_Goldberg! Adding you to the agenda for a ~10-minute slot in the β€œAsk XMTP Anything” segment! :saluting_face:

Looking forward to it!