Tue, Feb 13, 2024

Agenda and deck discussed in Feb 13, 2024 meeting: XMTP Developer Community Call

Join the first XMTP Developer Community Call

When: Tuesday, February 13 at 9 am Pacific.
Where: XMTP Discord dev-call channel

:point_right: If you aren’t a member of the XMTP Discord server, the link above will prompt you to join before you can enter the call.

Reply to this post with suggestions for questions and topics to cover.

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:wave: Welcome and announcements - 5 mins

:motorway: XMTP roadmap updates - 20 mins

  • Developer experience and SDKs

  • Messaging/Client protocol

  • Decentralization/Node protocol

  • XMTP Improvement Proposals (XIP) roundup

:raising_hand_woman:t4: Ask XMTP Anything - 20 mins

Looking forward to building and learning together!


I would like to introduce this discussion around contract deployments during the open discussion: Governance in Contract Deployments


Ah great @jac1828.eth - thank you so much! Looking forward to it!

I would like to introduce the Group Chat Alpha during the Ask XMTP Anything segment!


Fantastic @richardhua - looking forward to the community having a chance to learn about the latest developments for Group Chat with XMTP. Thank you!

Hello friends - it was AMAZING to see so many of you at the first XMTP Developer Community Call!

I want to send my :lotus: personal apologies :lotus: to anyone who had a hard time joining or staying connected to the call.

I didn’t anticipate that turning on video and sharing a screen would lower the voice call participant limit from 99 to 25.

Me: OK, I guess that’s the big glitch for today.
Discord: Hold my server boost…

Due to the lowered participant limit, the Discord recording bot was kicked out of the call after 12 minutes, so we don’t have a recording.

Here is the deck we discussed in the meeting.

We’ve updated it to include the Group Chat Alpha demo video and the Q&A at the end of the meeting.

If you have insights from the meeting, please feel free to share them with the community by commenting on this post!

Thank you again for joining this inaugural voyage—we’re already making adjustments to ensure smoother sailing next time! :sailboat:

Next time? Heck YAH. See you at the next Dev Call on Tue Feb 27 at 9 am P. More details to come.

:v:t4: :heart_hands: and :email:!

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