TheGeneralStore.eth at ETHDenver Recap

ETHDenver was unforgettable this year!

Here are some of our favorite messaging moments.

1/ 1,250+ devs DM’s our bot at TheGeneralStore.eth to get digital goods like testnet funds from Polygon, BASE, and Linea, or limited edition POAPs.

2/ ENS added XMTP to the ENS Card, letting ETHDenver attendees message any ENS identity.

Users could simply tap their phone to the NFC-enabled card, choose Coinbase Wallet or Converse, and send a message.

3/ Coinbase Wallet brought back SatoshisSecret.eth for a BASE Hunt, letting the 1000s of event attendees compete to solve 8 riddles and unlock Mythical Status!

With bots + messaging, any ENS identity can create a game that users can play without downloading an app.

P.S. We’re keeping TheGeneralStore.eth live for all web3 builders! Simply DM the bot.