Proposal to deprecate the Composite Codec

I’d like to propose that the Composite Codec be deprecated.


  • The Composite Codec’s sole impact on XMTP has been to make things more complicated than they need to be.

  • As a core dev on the XMTP Labs team, I haven’t seen a standard and compelling use case for using it in the community. Additionally, we’ve never been tempted to use it in the XMTP Inbox Web example app.

Proposed next steps

  • Remove the Composite Codec as a supported standard content type from the XMTP SDKs (iOS, Android, JS, and Flutter)
    • Note: Developers can still support the Composite Codec by making it a custom content type.
  • Draft an XIP to officially deprecate it.

thanks for creating this proposal! i agree with your reasoning. let’s remove it.

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Having written a few content types at this point, I’m not convinced the composite codec really provides all that much value. +1 to deprecating.

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Hello @nplasterer -

It looks like there is resounding support for your proposal to deprecate the composite content type!

Would you like to move forward with creating a formal XIP Draft for your idea?

You can get started by writing up your proposal using this XIP template.

For more info about how to fill out the template front matter and the overall process, see XIP-0: What is an XIP?

When you have your XIP Draft ready, open a PR in the XIPs folder in the XIPs repo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post to Help & Resources: XIPs.

With much aloha,

XIP Editor

Because this idea has progressed to become XIP-19: Deprecate the Composite Codec, we are closing this topic. Please direct all further discussions to the XIP-19 topic linked here.