OpenFrames Roundup: resources, integrations and use cases

Messaging Apps

Open Frames are currently compatible with these XMTP client apps:

  • Converse: Own your conversations.
  • Converse Web: Own you conversations. On the web.
  • dev-inbox: Dev focused messaging client that renders Frames.


Given the interoperable nature of Open Frames, each protocol has its unique method for handling payloads, making these tools invaluable for integration:

  • Frames.js: Verify and sign XMTP payloads in XMTP with FramesJS
  • OnChainKit: Verify and sign XMTP payloads in XMTP with OnChainKit


  • XMTP: Verify and sign XMTP payloads in XMTP

No code tools

  • Holder: Holder no-code builders allows to broadcast frames.
  • Neynar: Neynar builder supports Open Frames

Other integrations

  • Paragraph: Paragraph newsletter can be displayed as Open Frames.
  • Launchcaster: Launchcaster renders Open Frames in their launches.

Example Frames