Open Frames Bounty at Frameworks

Farcaster Frames have been such an exciting moment for web3, and we’re thrilled to be supporting the @ETHGlobal Frameworks hackathon this weekend.

:trophy: XMTP will be awarding up to $10K in prizes for devs who make their frames compatible with XMTP.

With OpenFrames, devs can reach the 1.2M identities across XMTP, without needing to change their frames code.

Developers simply need to make their Frame interoperable with the Open Frames Standard, so that it supports a broader range of apps and protocols, to receive $100. It only takes a few minutes, and does not require you to re-build your existing Frame.

Qualification Requirement

We are offering $100 for every developers who:

  1. Makes their Frame work with the Open Frames standard.
  2. Adds their Frame to the Awesome Open Frames repo by sending a PR
  3. Sends their Frame to hi.xmtp.eth using Converse Messenger or Dev.Inbox.

After submitting your Frame, wait for the funds to be received in $USDC on BASE. We will notify you via DM.


P.S. Developers who contribute will receive this NFT!

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