Notifi uses XMTP to deliver real-time alerts to its users in Coinbase Wallet

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Notifi today, bringing real-time alerts + notifications to DeFi users across the XMTP network, with GMX being the flagship customer.

By utilizing XMTP, this collaboration allows GMX users to conveniently subscribe to notifications via, various apps, and Farcaster Frames. This ensures that over 530,000 traders receive important updates in their main inbox on Coinbase Wallet and Converse, helping them stay informed with trade confirmations, governance updates, and price movements. By prioritizing privacy and user control, this integration aims to make the trading experience more efficient and user-friendly without compromising security.

How it works

Let users subscribe from anywhere

By building on top of XMTP’s consent standards, Notifi makes it possible for users to opt-in to messages from GMX via subscribe buttons across, apps, or Frames on Farcaster.

When a user subscribes, they are adding GMX’s unique address to their allowed contacts list, which is controlled by the user and accessible by any XMTP client app once they log in. This gives Coinbase Wallet a reliable source of truth to respect users’ contact preferences and keep users’ main inbox free from spam.

Deliver real-time notifications

Via Notifi, publishers can segment and send broadcast messages to their list of subscribers. Since Coinbase Wallet respects users’ opt-in preferences stored on the XMTP network, publishers can feel confident that their messages will reach subscribers’ main inbox.

Starting today, GMX users can subscribe to real-time alerts via messages, including:

  • Trade confirmations and liquidation alerts
  • Governance updates and price movements
  • Customized alerts based on user-defined criteria

Build subscriber lists without collecting personal data

By default, subscriptions on XMTP are encrypted and private. By integrating XMTP’s subscribe and broadcast functionality, Notifi can build distribution lists for clients like GMX, while keeping their end-users identities and subscription preferences private. This means that GMX can reach their users through more secure inboxes, like Coinbase Wallet, while users never have to worry about their subscription data being shared with third parties.

You can get started today by visiting and enalbling wallet alerts.

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