More than one conversation between two users through group chats

I´ve started by checking out if It´s possible to have more than one conversation between two users.

For normal and standard xmtp client chat and conversation this is not possible.
However, I wonder if this feature is already enabled for group chat.

I am just asking this because the current way we´re using the protocol we would like to be possible to keep more than one chat between same accounts.


Hi @Alejo_Lovallo. Yes this is possible in Group Chats. You can have as many conversations between two people as you’d like. You can change the names of the groups to make them easier to distinguish. You can also have empty group chats with just yourself if you’d like to have a place to take notes etc… Here are the Group Chat docs Build group chat with MLS and XMTP let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi @nplasterer, thanks for the quick response. Awesome to know It´s possible.

@Alejo_Lovallo would love to know more about your use case so we can keep it in mind when discussing/designing future work on the protocol! Don’t need super detailed info, just broad strokes of why multiple chats between the same users is beneficial vs. merging them…

@Brian_Covey yes sure.
At a high level, It is somewhat similar to how telegram topics in group chats work but just for two users.
Here for instance is another user describing the feature for telegram: Bugs and Suggestions
His approach is naive about the type of use cases, but in the case of more professional work, they might be more than useful.

Thank you very much!