Group Chats in Alpha

We just released group chats on the Dev Network, and we’d love your feedback on it before we ship it to production. Let’s work together to build secure, private group chats, portable across apps, and protected from spam by the network.

Explore the Documentation here

Explore a React Native Example App here

Dig into the SDK code

Dig into the Message Layer Security

See how Group Chat Messages got more secure.

Protocol property XMTP Groups Description of property
Forward secrecy Y Prevent messages sent today from leaking even if a future compromise happens
Post-compromise security Y Prevent messages sent in the future from leaking even if a compromise happens today
Key revocation (at per-installation level) Y Allow users to disable keys if they ever become compromised/or no longer needed. e.g. Allows recovery if a phone is stolen.
Anonymity - social graph Y Prevent network from determining which users are communicating with each other
Anonymity - sender Y Prevent network from determining who each message originates from
Message authentication Y Prevent attackers from masquerading as a conversation participant
Message confidentiality Y Prevent attackers from reading the contents of each message
Message integrity Y Prevent attackers from tampering with the contents of each message
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