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When: Every Tue & Thu @ 10-10:30 am Pac


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  • Passcode: 381327

Tracking Issues:

April 16, 2024

  • [Cameron] - Mutable metadata demo on Friday. One libxmtp PR ready for review. Part 2 ready for review Mutable Metadata group name Part 2 by cameronvoell · Pull Request #644 · xmtp/libxmtp · GitHub. Part 3 in the works. SDK work in progress.
  • [Daniel] - Pushed PR for key updates and got feedback from Rich and Nick. Resolved the comments from the security doc and added more details. Key package updates on deck.
  • [Ethan] - Working on who add me base functionality landed. Improvements still in flux. Getting started on SDK work.
  • [Naomi] - Mostly on production bugs. Will pick up message prepare
  • [Scott] - Small PRs going in. Still working on message history. Paired with Ry and got the tests working with wasm. Scheduled time with Andrew to start working on wasm.
  • [Scot] - Daniel turned in a security document last week. Have a new diagram that got reviewed yesterday. Should eventually make it to real documentation. Trying to turn around a doc before Rich goes on vacation.


  • Show & Tells
  • Standup/ Checkin

Past Stand Ups

April 11, 2024

  • [Cameron] - Got the update in the Proto repo and openMLS fork. Addressing feedback on libxmtp PRs for mutable metadata Group Name. Anyone in the group can update a name future improvement for validation.
  • [Daniel] - Finished first draft of security doc just posted for review. Working on the technical doc with Scot and trying to add cryptography description. Reviewing identity XIP. Wrapping up key updates by end of work.
  • [Ethan] - Put up a PR for who added me which includes ffiBindings. Flaking tests in ffibindings sometimes fails in CI. Looking for review on: Who Added Me by zombieobject · Pull Request #614 · xmtp/libxmtp · GitHub
  • [Naomi] - Message kind in iOS & RN.
  • [Scott] - Message database is going to pick up pace with new scope.
  • [Scot] - Two tracks going on Daniels technical doc to answer some questions for Cryspen. Identity XIP just went up. Docs that explain all this material.

April 9, 2024

  • [Cameron] - Still working on mutable metadata. Writing new tests. Found a bug with multiple users. Fixed it with an additional update in OpenMLS. Proposal and commit flow more inline with how others work.
  • [Daniel] - Key rotation updates yesterday. Writing more tests for create from welcome. Still working on more cryptography in Scots technical review. And doing security audit.
  • [Ethan] - Who added me to a group. Added end to end tests for crud operations. First database migration. One failing test will meet with Rich. Hoping to planning a demo by end of week.
  • [Naomi] - Push notifications shipped. Message kind
  • [Ry] - Deep dive on the wasm bind gen. Take rust functionality and run tests in node in a headless browser. That can then be imported. A basic XMTP Client.
  • [Scott] - Ry and Scott to sync on a hand off. Now that we have a server to send encrypted signed payload.

April 4, 2024

  • [Alex] - Wrapping up a few other things. Working through self subscribe.
  • [Cameron] - Got to talk to Cryspen about mutable metadata. A little bit of uncertainty around what might be needed for updating mutable metadata. Working through the errors. Setting the group name on create and reading it back.
  • [Daniel] - Working through some blank sections in the technical review. Got clarity around the replay problem. And working on the key rotation task. Will sync with Rich.
  • [Ethan] - Requires a commit for staged welcomes maybe help with key rotations. Have to do the staged welcome before notify who added you. Want to use CLI to complete a PR for that. Who Added Me by zombieobject · Pull Request #614 · xmtp/libxmtp · GitHub
  • [Naomi] - Group Chat Push Notification
  • [Ry] - Looked into the client using binding wasm gem. Got the tests passing in the browser. Still in learning mode.
  • [Scott] - Recording a demo for example message history repo server for the weekly wrap up. Have the whole flow mapped out. Meeting with Rich to walk through that lifecycle and the test sequencing.
  • [Scot] - Got some answers from Cryspen. They want a diagram of all the keys in play. Working with Daniel to get that in place. Have a minor PR for updating the diagrams. Looking for code review. Changing diagrams to proper FFI bindings by scotboyd · Pull Request #611 · xmtp/libxmtp · GitHub

April 2, 2024

  • [Alex] - Working on frames stuff. Group Frames transaction spec open for comment.
  • [Cameron] - Mutable metadata for group chat name. Working through libxmtp.
  • [Daniel] - Reviewed Scot technical review. Met with cryspen and got more clarity. Working on Key update function to welcome.
  • [Ethan] - Pulled upstream into OpenMLS done! Shout out to Nick for crucial fixes on Friday. Who added me to group work. Updating CLI for faster testing.
    Potentially a bug in OpenMLS new. Lets just create an issue in OpenMLS and they can hopefully fix it.
  • [Naomi] - Group Chat Push Notifications Done in iOS and Android. Next Group Chat HMAC work.
  • [Ry] - Understand enough Rust. Trying to get WASM gateway client running the tests. Publish and Query methods work. Need to get subscribe working.
  • [Scott] - Available to help with the wasm stuff. Message history from one device to another. Stood up a server for this. Example message backup server. Met with Eleanor and Rich for UX.
  • [Scot] - Document from last week was reviewed from Cryspen this morning. Also working on July material. Daniel is doing an internal security first.

Mar 28, 2024

  • [Alex] - Busy week with frames and other work. Group self creation streaming feature.
  • [Cameron] - Draft PR in proto and branch in libxmtp for mutable metadata (Group Name).
  • [Daniel] - Met with Scot about planning of techincal overview and auditing report. To follow up with cryspen about the replay welcomes issue.
  • [Ethan] - Upstream OpenMLS pull work continued. TLS serialization. Proto could start failing because of a validation.
  • [Naomi] - Push Notifications
  • [Ry] - Crash course in rust. Hoping to copy and paste a lot of ffi bindings. Need a proper client first. Has a ton of work still left.
  • [Scott] - Met with Rich about message history. Landed a small PR yesterday with foundation stuff. Initial mapping and a UI doc with how the flow should work. Work with Saul and Eleanor to confirm. Not yet half way.
  • [Scot] - Still working on MLS architecture doc. Draft for review by end of week.

Mar 26, 2024

  • [Alex] - Switching back to groups. Experimenting with events for self created groups. Subscribing to the database instead. Progress towards leave groups.
  • [Cameron] - Mutable metadata starting.
  • [Daniel] - Dug into the OpenMLS Arch and libxmtp code. Started on tech docs and auditing.
  • [Ethan] - Wrapping up openMLS upgrade. Who invited me to a group.
  • [Naomi] - Push notifications
  • [Ry] - Done with the crash course in rust. Tons of question on the current wasm bindings. Will sync with Scott.
  • [Scott] - Message history is underway. Small proto PR with a round trip soon. XIP will be updated with the latest.
  • [Scot] - Diagrams checked in. Working going through to make text for the mls arch doc for cryspen. Updating diagram to use ffi bindings. To sync with Daniel.

Mar 21, 2024

  • [Alex] - Merged 250 limit and beginning on leave and notified self welcomes.
  • [Ethan] - Working on integration of the latest openMLS into libxmtp. Adding 2 stage join.
  • [Naomi] - Threading & Streaming improvements. Push notifications still on the horizon.
  • [Scott] - Message History a discourse XIP open for discussion for partners. A couple of small PRs going in flight.
  • [Scot] - Approval of sequence diagrams. Create space on libxmtp for diagrams with a markdown file.

Mar 19, 2024

  • [Alex] - 250 limit, self removal/leave
  • [Ethan] - Who added me to a group
  • [Naomi] - Push Notifications
  • [Scott] - Message History


  • EthCC hard deadline July 8
    • Mid-June in a place ready for consumption at the latest
  • MLS expert support till June 30th
  • WASM Support
    • No longer than 2 months after mobile
    • We shouldn’t be syncing by default
    • Performance is important
  • Standup/ Checkin
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