Allow/Block per codec/content type


Considering the modular approach XMTP has for content types through the usage of Codecs, and in combination with the allow/block functionality at the address/conversations level, I think It will be completely possible to add the same functionalities but for different content types, at least for standard codecs.

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Hey, welcome, and thanks so much for the suggestion!

If my understanding is correct, you’d like for users to be able to block or allow messages of a certain content type.

What are the use cases you envision for this functionality?

Hi @saul, yes that´s correct.

The primary reason is for privacy settings from the users but also to avoid unnecessary node loading with undesired data.

I really think this can be an XIP because the code is modular well split so It will not take long to send a proposal with the changes.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance!