When will XMTP launch officially and what phases will come before?

  • All software (both clients and node) will have pre-stable alpha, pre-stable beta, and stable branches, launched sequentially.

  • The XMTP network will have playnet, testnet, and mainnet clusters, launched sequentially.

In March, the xmtp-js pre-stable alpha client will be released, alongside the playnet cluster. Soon after, the pre-stable alpha node software will be released and community node operators will be able to connect to the playnet.

In late summer, the node software will be promoted to beta and the testnet cluster will be launched. We expect at this point that xmtp-js will also be in beta, and other client libraries (e.g. Swift) will at least be in alpha.

By end of year, the first stable node software will be released and the mainnet cluster will be launched. Multiple client libraries should be stable by this point.

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