Tools & Software We Use

This is a list of all the software and tools we use at XMTP. We will maintain this list so as to keep everyone on the same page.

Note: If you don’t see a tool that you want for your job, please feel free to suggest the tool in a new thread with the reason why people should use it.

Discussion & Documentation

  • HQ (you are here)
    Our primary hub, this is where most communication lives. It contains our Handbook as well as both internal and public discussions.
  • Google Workspace
    For document collaboration, which should most often be posted back to Discourse.

Asynchronous collaboration

  • Height
    For all task management and project management. Task-related communication should happen in here too.
  • Loom
    Video sharing. For screencasts and wrap-ups.
  • Figma
    Virtual whiteboarding (FigJams), and our primary design tool
  • Pitch
    For presentations that are actually nice

Real-time collaboration

  • Slack
    Our spot for internal synchronous chat. This should be used sparingly, in times where asynchronous communication isn’t ideal. Examples include chatting to fix critical errors, and general social chat.
  • Discord
    This is for external synchronous chat, primarily for engaging with the community.
  • Zoom
    For meetings that have agendas, external meetings, or those that might be worth it to be recorded.
  • Grain
    Video snippet and transcription tool

Company / HR

  • Rippling
    Our entire HR operations, including Benefits and Payroll
  • Greenhouse
    Our Applicant Tracking System and Job Board
  • Ramp
    Company credit cards and expense management
  • Docusign
    For things that need signatures
  • Carta
    All equity, stock, options, and board approval documents