We want to share the routines and cadence that will keep our company progressing forward and accountable to each other. To do this, we’ve simply outlined what we do and expect of us daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

“The most important thing we do as a company is what we do repeatedly”


  • :raised_hands: Asynchronous standup
    • All Teams
    • Using Voodle, a daily, asynchronous video (or audio) of:
      • What’s worth sharing?
      • What needs feedback?
      • Who do you need help from?


  • :incoming_envelope: Weekly Dispatch
    • Written by leadership, for all to read in Discourse
    • A weekly recap highlights, changes, and updates from leadership
  • :hiking_boot: Weekly Kickoff
    • Leadership
    • Prioritize and evaluate what’s most important and move things around if needed.
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: Weekly Sync
    • All Teams, individually
    • A weekly 25 minute meeting over video where each team has a discussion about their priorities, challenges, questions, and personal updates.
  • :tada: TGIF (Thank god it’s Friday)
    • Company-wide
    • A Friday open Q&A where the team can ask questions of leadership via text or video, real-time or asynchronously. (25 minute video)


  • :clap: Team updates
    • All Teams
    • A monthly report by each team with highlights to be shared with the company.
  • :money_mouth_face: Investor update
    • Leadership
    • A monthly update is written by leadership to investors with financials, updates, asks, and metrics
  • :guitar: Show & Tell
    • Company-wide
    • A 50 minute fun video meeting where people share things they’re passionate about, work and non-work related.


  • :snowboarder: Board Meeting
    • Leadership
    • Quarterly board meeting on Around, two hours
  • :spiral_calendar: Quarterly Planning
    • Leadership
    • Quarterly meeting on Around to set and plan the next quarter’s goals


  • :desert_island: All-Company Retreat
    • Company-wide
    • Once a year the company will fund a trip where everyone can get together for some special programming, a hackathon, and fun.


  • :camping: Get Togethers
    • Teams, or individuals
    • When groups would like to get together to work on specific problems, the company will cover related costs including travel