Meetings & Jams

At XMTP, while we prioritize asynchronous communication, we do believe that real-time discussion can have great value. The goal is to ensure that when synchronous discussions happen that they are not a waste of anyone’s time, and that we were clearly benefitted from the real-time nature.

To ensure that all parties have an equal opportunity in participation, we think about real-time communication in two specific categories: Meetings and Jams.

Meetings Jams
Video or call with Zoom* Using Discord
Structured (with a pre-planned and shared agenda) Unstructured
Scheduled Unplanned, Ad-hoc
All meetings should have a shared recap, either in notes or a Grain story Jams do not need to have a recap, but if any decisions are made they should be communicated.
More on Meetings here More on Jams here

* While Zoom is not a hard-and-fast requirement for meetings, we encourage using it because Grain enables very easy recording and transcription, including fast recaps, it’s simply the best way to capture as much value from a meeting as possible.*