Hiring Process

Recruiting Goals

  • Hire people who want XMTP to succeed, and who have the skills we need for that (obviously).
  • Hire people who are aligned with us in our company values, so everybody is on the same page at that fundamental level (i.e. simplicity, community, speak up / feedback, excellence).
  • Optimize for hiring T-shaped recruits; the generalists who can figure it out and get it done while bringing their flavor of depth of experience/skillset to the composition of our aggregate strengths.
  • Optimize for hiring leaders (not necessarily managers) and owners who are able to lead by example, and really get things done across the company, while engraining that mindset in our culture.

Process Goals

  • Be as objective as we can in the process
  • Optimize for making good decisions towards the above goals.
  • Leave the candidate feeling good about XMTP no matter the outcome.
  • Be prepared to make an offer the same day as the final interviews should they go well

Interviewing Process

  • Review application (if someone applied directly)
  • Initial screening
    • 30 minute intro call with relevant team member
    • Can be skipped for trusted, warm intro
    • After this screen, next interviews can be scheduled with Hailey
  • Interviews
    • Hiring team decides on 1:1 interviews or paired
    • 1:1’s
      • Two back-to-back 45 minute meetings with a 15 minute break in between
    • Paired
      • One 60 minute meeting
      • Interviewers have set a plan ahead of time for how to conduct the interview
    • If @shanemac or @mg was not a screener, they should be one of the interviewers in this stage
  • Comp discussion
    • This can be its own separate, quick phone call, or as a part of a founder interview in the previous process
    • Once comp requirements are understood, they are brought back to the hiring team for level setting and offer prep
  • Founder interview
    • 45 minute meeting
      • If meeting goes well, and all thumbs up have been given before, offer can be made in this interview
  • Reference and background checks
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