We cover a number of benefits here at XMTP, all with the goal of simplifying your life, removing stresses, and enabling you to be your most productive self. You can read more about the philosphy behind our benefits here on our blog.

Your standard-issue setup

Every XMTP team member gets set up with a standard set of equipment, as well as a budget for their home office.

View the topic on Home Office & Equipment Budget here.

Medical, Dental, Vision

We believe that the company is better when each and every one of us has everything we need to be a better individual. That starts with taking care of our mental health, physical health, families and having someone help us out whenever we need it.‌

In the U.S. we think it’s dumb that people have to pay for their health care, and particuarly confusing to have to choose between different plans. We’d like to eliminate all stress around that so we’re covering 100% of coverage for excellent plans here in the U.S.

Flexible time off

Minimum two weeks per year of paid leave, meaning that if you haven’t taken time off by the end of the year you’ll need to carefully close that laptop lid and walk away from the computer for the last few weeks.

Parental leave

Becoming a parent, especially for the first time, is as amazing and fun as it is overwhelming and stressful. We at XMTP want to do what we can to provide the support needed to help our working parents have the time they deserve to bond with their new child, as well as transition back to work.

View the topic on Parental leave here

Stipend for well-being

While others reimburse for “health and fitness” we’re broadening that to be all about your general well-being. We be offer a stipend of $150/mo intended to support whatever you feel could make your life better. This goes for therapy, fitness memberships, coffee subscriptions, child-care, or anything else that you feel like contributes to your well-being.

This benefit can come in the form of pre-tax dollars when we’re working with vendors that the company has a relationship with. It can also be treated as a simple reimbursement for whatever best suits your needs.


The company will enable contribution of pre-tax dollars to a 401(k) account. Currently we do not match contributions.

Everyone gets an assistant

Executives always get an assistant to help with stuff, why doesn’t the team get one too? So we’ve partnered with Squared Away to offer assistants to all of our full-time team members. This goes for both professional AND personal tasks. So whether it’s booking a trip for work, or coordinating a doctor’s visit for a family member, we’ll be here to help.

The assistant will be remote as well, shared between 5-7 other team members. Please read How to work with an Assistant for tips on getting set up.

Financial advisor

Startup jobs, and especially those in the crypto world, carry some unique qualities that make financial matters more difficult to understand and plan for. This can include how to deal with equity, how to take best advantage of benefits, and more. It can often be overwhelming to deal with much of this, so we’re partnering with Northstar to bring a financial advisor to each and every team member.

Sign up with Northstar by following this link

Hey @mg - how do I use this $150 a month? Do I expense it or use a Ramp card to pay for something?

Hey @shanemac there are two ways that we can make this work:

This means that if someone would like to use something like Calm, for example, that the company could set up a payment directly with them. This is not taxed as the company is sponsoring directly and therefore not a part of income.

This is what it is in my case—I have a membership Peloton and would therefore like my stipend to cover that, which is reimburse-able.

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