About Wrap-ups


In agile teams, daily standup meetings are a commonplace. They help to get alignment within the team, surface potential issues, and help to create a pulse of the work being done in an organization.

Standups have historically been done as a time-boxed synchronous meeting, with everyone going around and reporting when it’s their turn. The typical standup consists of the following questions:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Anything blocking your progress?

Remote work starts to make this all a bit more difficult though. The biggest issue is that people tend to be spread out in different time zones, making the real-time nature of a standup a bit more difficult.

Based on that alone, we thought it might be worthwhile to really examine what value the standup provides, and how it might be better tailored for asynchronous, remote teams. We were also inspired by something that Linear does:

Why wrap-ups?

Moving the standup-of-old to the end of the day helps in a couple of ways:

  • Rather than trying to predict what the day will bring, you just report on the highlights
  • If you’re needing some help after you day is done, you can pass the baton on to whomever might be seeing it the next day
  • You can effectively signal when you’re finished up for the day

We also realized that the typical questions used for standups aren’t quite adequate for our asynchronous wrap-ups. That’s why we’re also going with a different format:

What’s the format?

  • What’s worth sharing?
  • What needs feedback?
  • Who do you need help from?

How will we post our wrap-ups?

We have an ongoing topic for Wrap-ups that automatically deletes posts after they’re two weeks old. This way we can keep it from getting too crazy.

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